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Why Does It Feel Like Everyone Has More Money Than You?

Financial help from parents comes in many forms, and it’s the basis of so many success stories. So why do millennials act like it doesn’t exist? Harper’s Bazaar examines the myth—and tyranny—of the “self-made” success story.

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In San Francisco, Tech Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

In the midst of a housing crisis, an injection of cash into the superheated real-estate market seems likely to cause an uptick in evictions and displacement.

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Faith, Friendship, And Tragedy At Santa Fe High

Sabika Sheikh, a Muslim exchange student from Pakistan with dreams of changing the world, struck up an unlikely friendship with an evangelical Christian girl. The two became inseparable—until the day a fellow student opened fire.

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The Suburbs Are Coming To A City Near You

In some ways, living in a dense urban area has become much more pleasant for certain types of people — namely the affluent and those who prize proximity to the action above all else. Is a city still a city if urban living is a luxury good?

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Inside Google’s Civil War

With its “Don’t be evil” mantra, Google was a central player in creating the rosy optimism of the tech boom. Some employees say Google is losing touch with that motto. What happens when an empowered tech workforce rebels?

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How The 0.001% Invest

Global finance is being transformed as billionaires get richer and cut out the middlemen by creating their own “family offices”, personal investment firms that roam global markets looking for opportunities.

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“Too Long At The Fair”, Short Film About The Brutal Reality Of Adulthood

After a mishap at an important client’s party, Charlie and Val find themselves in the hole and desperate for funds. They meet a charming divorcee, and an adventurous day awaits—but life has taught them that the promise of L.A. has its ups—and its downs.

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In Venezuela’s Economic Crisis, Bitcoin Is a Lifeline

Faced with hyperinflation, a worthless local currency and a risky black market for dollars, Venezuelans are increasingly turning to bitcoin as a tool for survival in the world’s worst-performing economy.

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How Our Definition Of Middle Class Has–And Hasn’t–Changed In 100 Years

Some of the cultural markers associated with the middle class–like education–have shifted. But its aspirations? Not so much.

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An Ode To Being Old

Success in business, even in the fast-paced start-up world, isn’t just about age-related smarts. Wisdom, a deeper kind of knowing that can only be gained through experience, matters too. And apparently, it matters quite a bit.

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How To Trick People Into Saving Money

Walmart has an incentive to become the place people think about when they think of their financial future. Inside Walmart’s curious, possibly ingenious effort to get customers to build up their savings accounts.

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Is Poverty Necessary?

Progress is dynamic, self-generating, unpredictable. Poverty is static, effectively resourceless, subject to interests that are not its own, therefore valuable to those interests. 

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Down And Out In the Gig Economy

Gig economies are ersatz structures, designed to skirt labor laws and offload risk and expense onto workers themselves. They serve the whims of capital.

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“Quadrangle”, Award-Winning Doc About Marriage And Divorce

A documentary about two ‘conventional’ couples that swapped partners and lived in a group marriage in the early 70s, hoping to pioneer an alternative to divorce and pave the way for how people would live in the future.

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In The Land Of Hope And Grief

An art therapy project in an Alaska Native village helps teens talk about suicide in their community. By offering helping hands to their peers, these young people are learning to believe in themselves and preparing to guide their communities and cultures into a new era.

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How Much Would You Pay To Never Use Tinder Again?

One in four single people under the age of 35 use dating apps. Being single is very expensive, maybe paying a premium matchmaker thousands of dollars to meet someone isn’t so crazy.

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The Big Business Of Loneliness

Capitalism abhors a vacuum, and into this collective social void has stepped a fleet of companies and entrepreneurs selling an end to social isolation. Over the past decade, on-demand connection has become both a big business and a powerful marketing opportunity. 

Health, Life

Iron Is The New Cholesterol

Oxygen and iron are essential for the production of energy, but may also conspire to destroy the delicate order of our cells. Elevated iron is at the center of a web of disease stretching from cancer to diabetes.

Health, Life

How To Grow From Your Pain

Trauma and hardships are too often a part of life. Most of us live through at least five or six traumatic events in our lifetime. Here’s how to persevere.

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