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The Rise Of Junk Science

Fake publications are corrupting the world of research—and influencing real news. At the most benign level of the junk industry are papers, published in journals with no effective screening process, that are obvious nonsense.

Media, Science, Tech

Hollywood Is Quietly Using AI To Help Decide Which Movies To Make

AI will tell you who to cast and predict how much money you’ll make. Despite skepticism about specific applications, the tide might be turning. A single factor has convinced Hollywood to stop dismissing big data: Netflix.

History, Media

Psychiatry, Racism, And The Birth Of ‘Sesame Street’

How an African-American psychiatrist helped design a groundbreaking television show as a radical therapeutic tool for helping minority preschoolers.

Nature, Science, World

Deep In The Ocean’s Trenches, The Legacy Of Nuclear Testing Lives

Evidence of Cold War nuclear testing has made its way to the deepest reaches of the Pacific Ocean. The discovery of “bomb carbon” miles below the surface shows how deep human impact goes.


Newly Found Planet Could Host Primitive Life, Study Suggest

The planet – known as Barnard b or GJ 699 b – is an exciting find given the planet is only six light-years away from Earth, making it one of closest worlds outside of our solar system.

Design, Media

BrewDog’s New Ad Does What It Says On The Tin

BrewDog has come to be known for its bold one-liners and playful spin on typical communications. The ballsy beer brand has teamed with Uncommon on a tongue-in-cheek campaign that doesn’t really say much at all – on purpose.


Amnesty’s Syria Ads Prove Humankind Can Be Worse Than Natural Disasters

Amnesty International is known for its provocative ads for human rights. In its campaign for the freedom and democracy of Syria, war zones where housing and huge blocks of land are destroyed have been depicted in ads.

Nature, Science

How To Keep The Earth As Inhabitable As Possible

We’ve been behind where we need to be for decades now, and the fact that we’ll be living in a hotter, less hospitable world is an inevitability. The only uncertainty left is how quickly we respond and how much damage we’re going to be able to prevent.

Innovation, Media, Nature

Russian Startup Wants To Put Huge Ads In Space

The first of StartRocket’s space-based ads could go up by 2021. The ads — a bit like skytyping, only in low-Earth orbit rather than in the atmosphere — would be visible only at night but could be seen from just about anywhere on the planet.

Economics, Media, Tech

Down And Out In the Gig Economy

Gig economies are ersatz structures, designed to skirt labor laws and offload risk and expense onto workers themselves. They serve the whims of capital.

Long Reads, Science

The Race To Develop The Moon

For science, profit, and pride, China, the U.S., and private companies are hunting for resources on the lunar surface. It’s not difficult to imagine moon development, like all development, proceeding less than peacefully, and less than equitably.

Long Reads, Science

With a Simple Twist, A ‘Magic’ Material Is Now The Big Thing In Physics

The stunning emergence of a new type of superconductivity with the mere twist of a carbon sheet has left physicists giddy, and its discoverer nearly overwhelmed.

Health, Science, Tech

The Internet Is Destroying Our Collective Attention Span

The length of time our “collective attention” is on any given event has grown shorter, and topics become popular and then drop out of public view at an accelerating rate. It’s no surprise if it feels harder and harder to dwell deeply on any topic.

Media, Videos

“No Other Way To Say It”, A Comedy About Advertising

Director Tim Mason pulls the curtain back on the glamorous world of advertising in this short comedy about a voiceover actor trying to nail the right tone for a pair of indecisive ad creatives selling a fictitious children’s ice cream brand.

Crime, Long Reads, Media

The Rise And Fall Of Marty Tirrell

From central Iowa radio pioneer to alleged scam artist. Money didn’t always belong to Tirrell, according to numerous court judgments against him. He defrauded eight people out of $1.5 million.

Health, Science

Why You Shouldn’t Exercise To Lose Weight, Explained With 60+ Studies

We’ve been taught for years that as long as you hit the gym you can hit the buffet line and still lose weight. But there’s plenty of science out there to prove this statement false.

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