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Once Hailed As Unhackable, Blockchains Are Now Getting Hacked

More and more security holes are appearing in cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms, and some are fundamental to the way they were built.

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Hollywood Is Quietly Using AI To Help Decide Which Movies To Make

AI will tell you who to cast and predict how much money you’ll make. Despite skepticism about specific applications, the tide might be turning. A single factor has convinced Hollywood to stop dismissing big data: Netflix.

Architecture, Innovation

‘The Coolest White Paint’ Can Cool Down An Entire City

UNStudio has developed a paint dubbed The Coolest White Paint. By limiting the amount of light and therefore heat a building absorbs, the paint reduces the need for air-conditioning and the impact of urban heat islands.

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Inside Google’s Civil War

With its “Don’t be evil” mantra, Google was a central player in creating the rosy optimism of the tech boom. Some employees say Google is losing touch with that motto. What happens when an empowered tech workforce rebels?

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In Venezuela’s Economic Crisis, Bitcoin Is a Lifeline

Faced with hyperinflation, a worthless local currency and a risky black market for dollars, Venezuelans are increasingly turning to bitcoin as a tool for survival in the world’s worst-performing economy.

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Russian Startup Wants To Put Huge Ads In Space

The first of StartRocket’s space-based ads could go up by 2021. The ads — a bit like skytyping, only in low-Earth orbit rather than in the atmosphere — would be visible only at night but could be seen from just about anywhere on the planet.

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VAVA 4K Short-Throw Laser Projector

The VAVA 4K Short-Throw Laser Projector gives you a stunning 4K image up to 150″ display. Since the projector can project from a distance of just 7.2 inches, there’s nothing that will come between the projector and the screen. From $2,499.

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Down And Out In the Gig Economy

Gig economies are ersatz structures, designed to skirt labor laws and offload risk and expense onto workers themselves. They serve the whims of capital.

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Lenovo Shows Off The World’s First ‘Foldable PC’

Lenovo has just announced what it says is the world’s first “foldable PC:” a prototype ThinkPad that iterates the foldable tech we’ve already seen from phones on a much bigger scale.

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In South-East Asia, Grab And Gojek Bring Banking To The Masses

Both started with ride-hailing and expanded into other logistics businesses, such as deliveries and food-ordering. The story of two South-East Asian “deca-unicorns”—fintechs valued above $10bn—is usually told in terms of their rivalry.

Politics, Tech

Inside China’s Massive Surveillance Operation

Xinjiang, northwest China, is in a state of surveillance lockdown. Every message, word and movement is monitored for its extremist potential. A million Uyghur muslims are being held in concentration camps.

Life, Tech

How Much Would You Pay To Never Use Tinder Again?

One in four single people under the age of 35 use dating apps. Being single is very expensive, maybe paying a premium matchmaker thousands of dollars to meet someone isn’t so crazy.

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A Curved Prefabricated Cabin Reconnecting People With Nature

French company LUMICENE has used their signature windows as the basis for ‘LUMIPOD’ – a prefabricated housing module designed to offer city-dwellers an idyllic cabin retreat amidst nature.

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The Big Business Of Loneliness

Capitalism abhors a vacuum, and into this collective social void has stepped a fleet of companies and entrepreneurs selling an end to social isolation. Over the past decade, on-demand connection has become both a big business and a powerful marketing opportunity. 

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Who To Sue When A Robot Loses Your Fortune

The first known case of humans going to court over investment losses triggered by autonomous machines will test the limits of liability. A Hong Kong tycoon is going after the salesman who persuaded him to entrust his fortune to the supercomputer whose trades cost him more than $20 million.

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Unfold: The App That Lets You Create Beautiful Stories

Unfold is an app and toolkit for storytellers. It’s used by celebs, influencers and other Instagram power users. Create beautiful and engaging stories from minimal and elegant templates. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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The Internet Is Destroying Our Collective Attention Span

The length of time our “collective attention” is on any given event has grown shorter, and topics become popular and then drop out of public view at an accelerating rate. It’s no surprise if it feels harder and harder to dwell deeply on any topic.

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Where The Bodies Are Buried

Mexico’s drug war has left tens of thousands of casualties in secret graves. Now, the mothers of the missing are digging them up, armed with iron rods and quadcopter drones.

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Kano Computer And Creative Coding For All Ages‎

Follow the book, build a computer page-by-page, all by yourself. 100+ playful coding challenges and stories show you how. With simple steps type code, drag blocks, learn Python, Javascript, and Terminal commands. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts. From $149.

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