Business, Economics

How The 0.001% Invest

Global finance is being transformed as billionaires get richer and cut out the middlemen by creating their own “family offices”, personal investment firms that roam global markets looking for opportunities.

Cities, Economics

In San Francisco, Tech Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

In the midst of a housing crisis, an injection of cash into the superheated real-estate market seems likely to cause an uptick in evictions and displacement.

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Inside Google’s Civil War

With its “Don’t be evil” mantra, Google was a central player in creating the rosy optimism of the tech boom. Some employees say Google is losing touch with that motto. What happens when an empowered tech workforce rebels?

Economics, Life, Long Reads

Why Does It Feel Like Everyone Has More Money Than You?

Financial help from parents comes in many forms, and it’s the basis of so many success stories. So why do millennials act like it doesn’t exist? Harper’s Bazaar examines the myth—and tyranny—of the “self-made” success story.

Economics, Tech, World

In Venezuela’s Economic Crisis, Bitcoin Is a Lifeline

Faced with hyperinflation, a worthless local currency and a risky black market for dollars, Venezuelans are increasingly turning to bitcoin as a tool for survival in the world’s worst-performing economy.

Economics, Life, Politics

How Our Definition Of Middle Class Has–And Hasn’t–Changed In 100 Years

Some of the cultural markers associated with the middle class–like education–have shifted. But its aspirations? Not so much.

Business, Health, Life

An Ode To Being Old

Success in business, even in the fast-paced start-up world, isn’t just about age-related smarts. Wisdom, a deeper kind of knowing that can only be gained through experience, matters too. And apparently, it matters quite a bit.

Business, Economics

How To Trick People Into Saving Money

Walmart has an incentive to become the place people think about when they think of their financial future. Inside Walmart’s curious, possibly ingenious effort to get customers to build up their savings accounts.

Economics, Media, Tech

Down And Out In the Gig Economy

Gig economies are ersatz structures, designed to skirt labor laws and offload risk and expense onto workers themselves. They serve the whims of capital.

Apps, Business, Innovation, Tech

In South-East Asia, Grab And Gojek Bring Banking To The Masses

Both started with ride-hailing and expanded into other logistics businesses, such as deliveries and food-ordering. The story of two South-East Asian “deca-unicorns”—fintechs valued above $10bn—is usually told in terms of their rivalry.

Business, Innovation, Life

The Big Business Of Loneliness

Capitalism abhors a vacuum, and into this collective social void has stepped a fleet of companies and entrepreneurs selling an end to social isolation. Over the past decade, on-demand connection has become both a big business and a powerful marketing opportunity. 

Business, Life

Goldman Sachs, Patagonia, And The Mysteries Of “Business Casual”

The importance of the Patagonia vest is that it is both an evolution of the business-casual costume and a reversion to the waistcoat of the ancient three-piece suit. “Business casual” is less a style of dress than an enigmatic language of power.

Business, Tech

Who To Sue When A Robot Loses Your Fortune

The first known case of humans going to court over investment losses triggered by autonomous machines will test the limits of liability. A Hong Kong tycoon is going after the salesman who persuaded him to entrust his fortune to the supercomputer whose trades cost him more than $20 million.

Business, Health, Life

Offices Can Be Hell For People Whose Brains Work Differently

Work spaces today come with strong smells, harsh light, lots of chatter, and constant messages on email or Slack. For neurodivergent people, this can be a big ask.

Business, Cities

Nashville Wants To Be The Next Austin, But Tennessee Won’t Make It Easy

The city has sought to position itself as more affordable but no less hip than Austin, Denver, or Portland, Ore. Business interests in the state capital have held off a slew of anti-LGBT bills that seemed poised to become law.

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The Price Of Plenty: How Beef Changed America

Exploitation and predatory pricing drove the transformation of the US beef industry – and created the model for modern agribusiness. The industrial slaughterhouse was a triumph of human ingenuity as well as a site of brutal labor exploitation.

Business, Food, Health

How Campbell’s Soup Changed Tomatoes’ DNA For The Worse

The perfect tomato to eat is red, plump, juicy, and bursting with flavor. When mass-produced, tomatoes also have to be easy to remove from the vine. That is why the Campbell Soup Company cultivated a variety with a genetic mutation more than a half-century ago.

Economics, Health, Long Reads

The Birth-Tissue Profiteers

How well-meaning donations end up fuelling an unproven, virtually unregulated two-billion-dollar stem-cell industry. An industry has sprung up in which specialized clinics offer miracle remedies from poorly understood stem-cell products.

Business, Economics, Life

Inside The Dark, Lucrative World Of Debt Collection

A dizzying array of variables affects a portfolio of debt’s true potential — the age of the debt, how many agencies have tried to collect on it, the size of the balances, the type of credit card, where the debtors live and the current economic climate.

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