Architecture, Cities

How I. M. Pei Shaped The Modern City

I. M. Pei died at the age of 102 after a long career as an architect of great renown. The China-born, U.S.-trained architect took on commissions that helped reshape cities around the world through the second half of the 20th century.

Architecture, Innovation

‘The Coolest White Paint’ Can Cool Down An Entire City

UNStudio has developed a paint dubbed The Coolest White Paint. By limiting the amount of light and therefore heat a building absorbs, the paint reduces the need for air-conditioning and the impact of urban heat islands.

Cities, Economics

In San Francisco, Tech Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

In the midst of a housing crisis, an injection of cash into the superheated real-estate market seems likely to cause an uptick in evictions and displacement.

Cities, History

How Philadelphia Became “The First City That Bombed Itself”

In 1985, an armed standoff between Philadelphia police and members of a radical black liberation group, resulted in the deaths of eleven people. No police officers or city officials were ever charged for their role in what’s known as the MOVE bombing.

Cities, Life

The Suburbs Are Coming To A City Near You

In some ways, living in a dense urban area has become much more pleasant for certain types of people — namely the affluent and those who prize proximity to the action above all else. Is a city still a city if urban living is a luxury good?

Architecture, Photos, World

Futuristic Photos From High-Rise Towers In Paris Suburbs

As a child, Laurent Kronental walked past Les Tours Aillaud, a group of eighteen residential towers in the Paris suburbs, in wonderment. As an adult, the looming high-rises, home to some 1600 apartments, continued to haunt his subconscious.

Architecture, Design

Merging Ancient Tombs With Minimal Architecture

The concept for Amey Kandalgaonkar’s “House Inside a Rock” takes inspiration from the rock-cut tombs found in Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO world heritage site, Madain Saleh. 

Art, Cities, Photos

Cinematic Street Photography Of Japan By Jack Rangooni

Stunning street shots by Jack Rangooni, a talented self-taught photographer, and urban explorer from Auckland, New Zealand. He recently visited Japan and shared some amazing street scenes on his Instagram.


Why New York City Stopped Building Subways

Nearly 80 years ago, a construction standstill derailed the subway’s progress, leading to its present crisis. This is the story, decade by decade.

Cities, Food

Inside The Pampered And Personalized World of DC’s VIP Diners

The big restaurant lie: Everyone is treated the same. For a select group of dining heavies around town, a whole other world of special perks and suck-uppery awaits.

Cities, History, Photos

Underground Photos From New York’s Seediest Years

The “Poet of Radical Photography”, Miron Zownir, captures the provocative energy and aggressive hedonism of New York City in the 80s.

Architecture, Innovation, Nature

A Curved Prefabricated Cabin Reconnecting People With Nature

French company LUMICENE has used their signature windows as the basis for ‘LUMIPOD’ – a prefabricated housing module designed to offer city-dwellers an idyllic cabin retreat amidst nature.

Cities, Long Reads, Politics

Vision And Reality In San Francisco’s Tech Corridor

When the ‘Twitter tax break’ took effect eight years ago, it was intended to draw tech companies to rundown Mid-Market Street and lead to a neighborhood revitalization. Did it succeed?

Business, Cities

Nashville Wants To Be The Next Austin, But Tennessee Won’t Make It Easy

The city has sought to position itself as more affordable but no less hip than Austin, Denver, or Portland, Ore. Business interests in the state capital have held off a slew of anti-LGBT bills that seemed poised to become law.

Cities, Videos

“Seoul Wave”, A Short Film About South Korea’s Futuristic City

Filmmaker Brandon Li made a thrilling 7-minute film on life in the South Korean city of Seoul. Li’s distinctive filming style is present—swooping gimbal shots, push-ins, a saturated vibrancy.

Architecture, Cities, Design

Miysis Studio Envisions Notre-Dame With A Reconstructed Spire And Glass Roof

Miysis Studio has proposed combining a reconstruction of Notre-Dame’s spire with a modern glazed roof to “find the right balance between history and future” for the cathedral.

Cities, World

Secret Trysts And Lost Weekends At The Chateau Marmont

How a run-down Hollywood hotel achieved legend status. The Chateau Marmont is a psychic landmark as well as a physical one: you go there to see it, but you also go to try to use it to see through time.

Architecture, Design, Photos

Glass-Sided Rooftop Pool Tops Concrete Maltese House

The rooftop swimming pool at Casa B, a concrete house in Malta, is visible from both the street and from inside the living space below. Architrend Architecture designed the building to be inserted into a traditional terrace.

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